Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thrift Stores.... a little treasure hunt every time

Do you ever check out thrift stores in the area?  Not just Goodwill, but the other thrift stores?  I love checking out thrift stores - it is a little treasure hunt every time - you never know what you'll find!  And, some of the thrift stores such as Mission Mart & Buried Treasures (Gas City) support the local area Rescue Missions, so your money is going toward a good cause!  (Goodwill, of course, goes toward a good cause too!)

Some of my favorites:
Buried Treasures  - this thrift shop in Gas City is on the main street, next to the flea market.  Every Friday is 50% off almost everything (except furniture and couple other items)!  I've gotten some GREAT deals on Fridays, especially kids stuff!  Make sure to check out the books (adult & kids, fiction & non-fiction), which are only $.10, except for Fridays when they're only $.05!!!!  Pick up a paperback & some new kids books!  Note: opens at 10am. 

Mission Mart - if you haven't ever been, check it out next to BIG LOTS on the Bypass in Marion.  Some fun things to try there?  Nail polish (NEW and 3 for $1!), picture frames (frame your kids artwork & make them feel special!), misc. kitchen items, and furniture!  Yes, I've gotten a few pieces of furniture there, slapped on a coat of paint & made them into great pieces for my house! 

Hostess House Resale Shop (in the basement of the Hostess House)- this place is so cool!  If you haven't ever been in, you are missing out!  I just discovered it recently, and found some awesome buys!  It is on 4th Street in the basement of the Hostess House - the entrance feels a little shady as it is in the back of the building, but it is worth it to push thru!  About once a month they put out a sign on 4th St. advertising a 50% off sale - when you see this sign, make it a point to check it out!  They have clothes, accessories (got a great purse for $4 & sunglasses for $.50), coats, kids stuff, shoes, jewelry, etc.  You may have to dig, but if you find a treasure like I did, you'll be glad you did! 

What about you?  Do you have a favorite spot? 

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