Monday, November 8, 2010

Imagination Library - FREE books (no catch!)

Have you heard about the Imagination Library?  If not, you're missing out!  The Imagination Library is a FREE (yes, you heard it right - FREE) book program for kids ages 5 and under.  Once you sign your kid up (NO COST and NO CATCH!) they will receive a book in the mail FREE every month until they are 5 years old!  Both my boys are enrolled, and each boy gets their own age appropriate book every month!!!  It is the coolest thing, as both my boys LOVE having books read to them and now they get a dozen books a year to add to their personal libraries!

To enroll your child, go to :

I believe that Marion residents enroll their kids through the Marion Public Library (that is how it was a year ago when I enrolled my son), but I'm not sure about surrounding areas, so check out the link above and it'll tell you what to do.  Check it out - you will be glad you did...I promise!!!

Happy Reading!

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