Sunday, July 31, 2011

JuJu Berry's in Marion is Open!

Many folks have heard, but I wanted to let everyone know that JuJuBerry's in Marion is OPEN! 

JuJuBerry's is a locally owned/family operated frozen yogurt place (or as my sister who lives in Southern California says - FRO YO).  It is not a chain - the name is not after and actual berry, but rather after the owner's grandaughter (named Julia, but her nick name is JuJu).  It is on the Bypass in Marion between Sherman Williams and Arby's (across the street from Aldi & Pizza Hut).

My husband and I went in last night for the first time, and were impressed.  The place is really cute, they've done a great job!  This is a do-it-yourself frozen yogurt buffet - they have over a dozen varieties of frozen yogurt, and over 40 toppings.  You pay by the ounce at the register ($.40/oz).  (In case anyone wants a recommendation, I had the Cake Batter flavor with Heath bar pieces, Reece's Cups chunks & waffle cone chunks - it was delicious!)

A few other notes about the place:
  • they are NOT open on Sundays
  • they don't open until noon each day, but then are open until 9pm or so
  • they have gift cards!  If you're getting a gift card for someone, consider supporting this new family-owned local business in Marion!

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