Friday, November 26, 2010

Canvas People - Black Friday Deal!!! Stay home and shop online!

I learned about this from another blog.... it is a GREAT deal!  I checked out the website, and will be ordering one for myself today!

This is s limited time offer - $55 off any canvas, making their 8x11 canvas FREE.  All you have to do is pay shipping.   Turn your favorite photo into a canvas.  They can also do enhancements, turn things black & white, do "pop art", turn your kid's artwork into canvas, etc.  Check out their site

Canvas Prices:

8x10 $49.99 FREE
11x11 $63.99 $8.99
11x14 $64.99 $9.99
16x16 $78.99 $23.99
16x20 $88.99 $33.99
18x24 $98.99 $43.99
* Prices reflect coupon discounts.

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