Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Free Educational Apps from in April

 My husband and I were just talking about educational apps for my 5 year old last night... he loves the iPad and iPhone, but there is only so much Sonic we want him playing.  The iPhone is a huge lifesaver when I'm at an appointment and he's waiting for me, or after school when he has to come back to work with me for an hour + each day, but we need something better.... ENTER's free education apps!  Check out their website for complete list and take advantage of these NOW!  Learning Through Play

While lessons from books are great, children learn through play far better than they do in many other forms. There are several reasons for this. When learning is viewed as fun, children are much more willing to participate. They want to jump in and have a good time. As a parent, the more that you can teach through play, the more your child will retain.

At our mission is to produce education apps that emphasize the pure enjoyment of learning for your child.
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