Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Donate Blood & Get a $10 Gas Card in November!

During the month of November you will get a $10 gas card for donating blood to the South Bend Medical Foundation Blood Donor Center in Marion.  I just got a reminder postcard in the mail that I'm eligible to give again Nov. 6, so I'll be heading in next week to donate blood.  Why don't you join me?   

Never given blood?  If you can, you should!!!  You truly are saving a life of a neighbor in your community.  Check out for more info. 

The Blood Center is in the ACC Building across from Marion General Hospital (3300 North Wabash Ave. Suite G-10, Marion, IN 46953).  For questions or to schedule an appointment call #765.662.4630.  (They will also take walk-ins!)

The blood center has new hours
Monday & Tuesday: 11am - 7pm
Wednesday: 9am - 3pm
Thursday & Friday: 8am - 4:30pm

Reminders for a better donation experience
  • Eat breakfast or lunch before your donation.
  • Drink extra water and fluids to replace the volume you will donate.
  • Wear clothing with sleeves that can be raised above the elbow.
  • Relax!
  • Enjoy the good feeling that comes with knowing that you have saved as many as 3 lives with your 1 donation!
Basic Requirements for Donating Blood
  • Must be in good general health and feel well
  • Must weigh at least 110 pounds
  • Must be 17 years old, or 16 with written parental consent
  • Must wait 12 months after having a tattoo applied or ear or body piercing
  • Must not have any open cuts
  • Must not be pregnant
  • Must be symptom free of cold or flu for 72 hours
Note on Medications
Most people taking medications, even prescription medications, are accepted as blood donors. Please bring a list of your medications with you to your blood donation. You may also want to call (574) 234-1157 before your donation to see if you are eligible to donate.

Note on International Travel
Anyone that has recently traveled to or lived in a malarial risk area will be temporarily deferred from donating blood. There is a 12-month deferral if you were in a risk area for 6 months or less; there is a 3-year deferral if you were in a risk area for more than 6 months. Please call (574) 234-1157 you have questions about your recent travels and donation eligibility.
Travel to the United Kingdom may also result in a deferral. You will not be able to donate blood if you fall into any of the following restrictions:
  • If your time spent in the United Kingdom adds up to 3 months or more from 1980-1996. The United Kingdom includes England, N. Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands.
  • If your time spent in Europe adds up to 5 years or more since 1980.
  • If you spent 6 months or more on a military base in northern Europe from 1980 1990 or in southern Europe from 1980-1996.

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