Sunday, July 31, 2011

JuJu Berry's in Marion is Open!

Many folks have heard, but I wanted to let everyone know that JuJuBerry's in Marion is OPEN! 

JuJuBerry's is a locally owned/family operated frozen yogurt place (or as my sister who lives in Southern California says - FRO YO).  It is not a chain - the name is not after and actual berry, but rather after the owner's grandaughter (named Julia, but her nick name is JuJu).  It is on the Bypass in Marion between Sherman Williams and Arby's (across the street from Aldi & Pizza Hut).

My husband and I went in last night for the first time, and were impressed.  The place is really cute, they've done a great job!  This is a do-it-yourself frozen yogurt buffet - they have over a dozen varieties of frozen yogurt, and over 40 toppings.  You pay by the ounce at the register ($.40/oz).  (In case anyone wants a recommendation, I had the Cake Batter flavor with Heath bar pieces, Reece's Cups chunks & waffle cone chunks - it was delicious!)

A few other notes about the place:
  • they are NOT open on Sundays
  • they don't open until noon each day, but then are open until 9pm or so
  • they have gift cards!  If you're getting a gift card for someone, consider supporting this new family-owned local business in Marion!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Great Greenway Tour 2011 - Saturday (7/30/11)

The 11th Annual Great Greenway Tour is this Sat, July 30th.  "Indiana's premier rail trail bicycle touring event" is a fun-filled day of cycling on IN's 62 mile paved rail trail system - the Cardinal Greenway. 

The Great Greenway Tour is a community bicycling event organized through local bicycle clubs & shops & volunteers in an effort to promote healthy lifestyles.  Last year over 350 riders participated in the tour, which benefits the maintenance of the Greenway across five IN counties. 

Designed for all ages and cycling abilities, the GGT offers multiple route options departing from the ride headquarters in Muncie, the Jonesboro trail head in Grant County or the Richmond trail head in Wayne County.

Check-in at the Jonesboro trail head is 7 - 9am tomorrow (Sat, July 30).  

For more info & to register:
(it looks like if you want to officially register it is $40 for adults - lunch is included- and kids 12 & u ride free)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jungle Safari at Five Points Mall in Marion (7/27-7/31)

Saw this ad in the paper on Sunday - a FREE activity for kiddos!

Jungle Safari is not just an ordinary petting zoo, but a REAL zoo, with animals such as lions, tigers, monkeys and black leapards.  And Admision is FREE!

Come see daily feeding of the  "Big Cats", enjoy lectures about the animals, and even get your photo taken with one of the baby animals.  Don't drive miles away to visit the zoo this summer, just come to the Five Points Mall and enjoy the zoo for FREE! 

Also this week at the mall, sidewalk sales will be happening Fri, July 29 thru Sun, July 31. 

Animals will be outside in the parking lot, sidewalk sales inside the mall.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 kind of like Groupon - $3 for $30 worth of organic fruit PEELED SNACKS

Have you heard of  It is one of these sites that is like Groupon, with national deals for purchases.  Today their "deal" is $13 for $30 worth of organic fruit snacks from Peeled Snacks, and if you use this referral link (Click HERE) you'll get $10 toward your first purchase, making it only $3 for $30 worth of snacks!  Or, you can also get a voucher worth $49 for only $19 - the $10 credit = $9 for $49 voucher!  What a deal!  The voucher can not be used for shipping (shipping is $7 flat rate or if you purchase over $65 it is free).  This is a great snack kiddos & adults at the pool or in lunches!  Get ready for back to school!  (this deal is good through today only, 7/26)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

VBS options in Marion this week (7/25 - 7/29)

Week of July 25 there are two options for VBS programs in Marion I know about - one in the morning and one in the evening. 

8:30 - 11:30am -Hanfield United Methodist Church
101 N. 400 E.
Marion, Indiana 46952
For more info & to register:
(my son went to this one last year and had a GREAT time - I was really impressed with the job they did with the kids!)

5:30 - 8:00pm - Westminster Presbyterian Church
1100 Jeffras Ave.
Marion, IN 46952
For more info call #662 - 2775 and ask for Doug
(I accidentally posted that this one was last week - sorry for the error!)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Human Trafficking in Every Day Products

 I read an article today about human trafficking, something I never give much thought to but definitely should be more cognizant about.  The article was about a mom who became aware of human trafficking and has tried to make small changes in her daily life (from buying blueberries from countries that don't force children & women to pick food, to buying clothing items with organic cotton that doesn't use pesticides that harm the people that pick the cotton or the enviornment it is in).  The article references a website that is worth checking out:

Human trafficking is the transportation, harboring, selling or employment of a person through the means of force, fraud or coercion for the purpose of forced servitude.  -

Thursday, July 21, 2011

YUMMY Healthy No-Bake Energy Bites - Our new favorite snack!

I found this recipe on and tried it last night.  These are super yummy, and while not low calorie, they are "good fats" and definitely satisfied my sweet tooth after dinner!  My kiddos, my husband and I all LOVE them and I'm sure they will now be a staple in our house!  I warn you to roll them into small balls, as my 4 year old had a "bite" of his and then proceeded to stuff the entire thing in his mouth.  :)

Make sure you use non-transfat peanut butter or another nut butter.  If you're not sure, look at the ingredient label of your peanut butter - should only say peanuts, salt, oil (maybe a small amount of added sugar).  The fewer ingredients the better!  Make sure there is NO vegetable shortening. 

Lastly, I suggest making a double batch of this if you want it to last longer than a day!

Energy Bites makes approximately 2 dozen depending on size

  • 1/2 C nut butter(almond butter, peanut butter, sunflower seed butter or any other nut or seed butter.)
  • 1/3 C honey
  • 1 C old fashioned rolled oats
  • 1 C shredded unsweetened coconut (you can substitute any dry ingredients for this, wheat bran or germ, oat bran, some ground flax seed (I wouldn’t recommending using an entire cup!), any kind of ground nuts or seeds.  For a cookie dough type bite try adding a few tablespoon of your favorite whole grain flour)
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • pinch of sea salt if using a natural nut butter with no added salt
  • 1-2 tsp your favorite spices or spice combinations (optional - I added a few shakes of cinnamon)
  • 1/2 C other addins (any kind of whole or roughly chopped nuts or seeds, dried fruit, good quality chocolate chips, etc)
In a large bowl add the nut butter, honey or other sweetener, vanilla and salt if needed.  If all your ingredients are room temperature you should be able to stir to combine.  If this is difficult you can warm in the microwave for a few seconds or even place the bowl in an inch or two hot water for a few minutes to soften everything.

Once this is combined add the remaining ingredients.
Mix well.  Once it’s all combined place in the fridge for about 30 minutes.  Then remove from the fridge, scoop out some dough and roll into a ball.  I find it’s much easier, and works better to squeeze the handful together to compact it and then roll it into a ball.

If yours are too sticky you can considering adding more dry ingredients into them or rolling them in something like ground nuts, coconut, etc so they aren’t as sticky.  Place the balls in an airtight container either in the fridge or freezer for quick and easy snacks.  SO YUMMY!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thursday Nights - Concerts in the Park from 7pm - 9pm

Have you been to the Concerts in the Park this summer at Matter Park yet?  On Thursdays, from 7 - 9pm there are free concerts at Matter Park in Marion at the amphitheater.  Take a picnic dinner & your family & have fun!

Tomorrow, Thurs, July 20th is Time Travelers

Monday, July 18, 2011

FREE Family Movies in Wabash on MONDAYS all summer long!

Maybe everyone in the area knows about this already, but I just learned about it this weekend! 

All summer long on MONDAYS at the Eagles Theatre in Wabash they are showing FREE family movies!  Show times are at 1pm, 4pm & 7pm.  They also have popcorn, etc. for kiddos for a couple of bucks, but no obligation to buy (except for the smell, which gets me every time!). 

Today, Monday, July 18 the FREE family movie is How to Train Your Dragon (rated G, 98 mins).  I think I'm going to take my little men to the 1:00pm showing today... want to join me? 
For more details & the website, see

106 W. Market St. - Wabash IN 46992 - 260-563-3272 -

Sunday, July 17, 2011

2 VBS Options This Week in Marion

Monday - Friday This Week:
Brookhaven Wesleyan - 6:00-8:30 p.m.
For kids ages 3-entering 6th Grade

Sunday - Thurs This Week:
Mt. Olive United Methodist 6:00-8:30 p.m. 
For kids ages 3-entering 6th Grade

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Strawberries on Sale at Aldi's $.99

I love Strawberries.  Love them.  Right now, through the end of Tuesday this week (Aldi changes their sales each Wednesday) 1 lb packages of strawberries are on sale for $.99 at Aldi's in Marion!  I bought 5 packages last week at this sale and we've already eaten them all.  :)  I'm headed back for more, and thought I'd share the news.  Not sure you can eat them all now?  FREEZE them while they're on sale and use them throughout the year in smoothies (my boys' favorites!), muffins, breads, desserts, etc.  Now is the cheapest time of year to buy them! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Free Magic Shows Tonight and Tomorrow at IWU

There is a conference of Christian magicians being held at IWU this week - kind of random, but apparently it is here every year!  Anyhow, if you're looking for something to do with your family tonight or tomorrow night, head to IWU for a free magic show at 7:00pm.  Open to the public, it is at the Phillippe Performing Arts Center.

Here’s a link to the PPAC info (location, parking, etc).
and another for the Fellowship of Christian Magicians website:

Have fun!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Staples Back-to-School Sale thru Wed this week (7/13)

Well, I picked up the paper & saw the ad for Staples Back-to-School sale.... I can't believe that the summer is already over half over & we're starting to talk about back-to-school!  Kind of depressing, but their sale is worth stopping by to check out if you need any office supplies or will have a kiddo going to school this fall.  Among their deals:

5 pack mechanical pencil
ream of white copy/printer paper (after Easy Rebate)
pencil box

mini stapler
bag of cute clips
pack of 2 kids scissors
adult scissors (I can never seem to have enough as mine always disappear!)
5 pack sharpees
4 pack stick glue

Packing tape
Washable markers

AND - if you spend $5 on other items, you can get a pack of erasers, pack of pens, and bottles of glue for $.01 (you can get 2 of each for 1 penny each)!  Yes, you heard me, 1 penny!  Worth picking up some supplies now, and even if you don't need them you can donate them when they have  back-to-school supply drives for kids in the area in need. 

Most of these special sale deals are thru this Wed only.  Stop by Staples!  (in-store only, no online)

Friday, July 8, 2011

2-Year Subscription LEGO Jr. Magazine FREE for kiddos!

My nephew is a lego man, and my son is so enamored with everything his older cousin does I'm sure he'll be into legos soon too!  I saw this offer for a free Lego Jr. magazine and signed up for my older son.  It just takes a minute.  Use the link below, then it'll ask you to enter your email & will send you an email immediately to "okay" your child getting the magazine.  It took a few minutes for me to get the email in my in-box, but then when it came it was simple to follow how to finish registration.  Happy reading/building!  Click here to get your subscription to LEGO Magazine or LEGO Jr. Magazine for FREE!! While supplies last.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

IHOP 3 Free Meals

 Right now when you sign up for IHOP’s Pancake Revolution newsletter, you will get 3 free meals:
♦ One when you sign up!
♦ One on your birthday!
♦ One of the 1st anniversary of your sign up!

It takes just a second, and you can also sign up your family members to receive a free meal on their birthdays.  Happy Pancakes!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

99 Photos for $.99 at Snapfish thru 7/8/11

Take a bunch of 4th of July photos you want to get printed?  I have a deal for you!   
Snapfish is offering 99 prints for just .99!
Use coupon code: JULYPENNY99 at checkout!  (good thru 7/8/11)  
If you don't have a Snapfish Account it is FREE to sign up & just takes a second.  Now I just need to get to uploading my photos & order before July 8!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July Treat - Cute & Easy


You’ll need:

  • Marshmallows
  • Lollipop Sticks
  • White Almond Bark
  • Red & Blue Sprinkles
  • A box, flowerpot or other fun container
  • Styrofoam (to hold the sticks)
  • 1-2 bags of Red Hots (for sprinkling over the styrofoam)
  • Ribbon or a Bandana (optional for decoration)
  • Free Printable Tags (just because they are cute)


  1. Cover a cookie sheet with foil or wax paper.
  2. Melt the almond bark in the microwave for a minute. Stir until it’s creamy.
  3. Dip the lollipop stick into the melted almond bark and stick into a marshmallow.
  4. Dip the marshmallow into the melted almond bark. Tap it a bit on the edge of the bowl until it’s all even.
  5. Roll the marshmallow into a dish of sprinkles until covered.
  6. To make the flag versions, don’t put the lollipop stick in first. Use a toothpick or two. After covering both ends with the different colors, push the stick into the marshmallow.
  7. Stick into the styrofoam container, then cover with red hots.
Thanks to the Crafting Chicks for this idea...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Financial Independence Days Sale (July 1 & 2)

Financial Independence Days Sale – ING DIRECT USA

Have you ever looked into an account with ING Direct?  I've gotten mail marketing from them for years, and always thought I should open an account, but never got around to it until recently.  I wish I had much earlier!

If you're at all interested in getting more interest on a savings account or checking account than your bank, refinancing your mortgage, opening up a 401k, etc. - TODAY is the day you should open an account with ING Direct.  See link above - they're having an independence day sale today & tomorrow (July 1 & 2).  All accounts are FREE to open & maintain and with their independence sale you get a great bonus on all accounts.  It truly is worth your time to check out today!