Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good Mechanic in Marion???

Okay, this post is not dictating anything, but solely asking for help/advice.

Do you know of a good mechanic in Marion?  Not just a cheap one (although affordability is great!), but one that is competent & honest?  Please post your experiences (especially good, but also bad) in the comments section below!  And, if you have contact info for the mechanic you mention, please list that as well!  I shared my favorite contractor in the area (see posting on Bailey Services), so please share your mechanic with me!  :)


  1. We've taken both of our cars (a Ford Escape and a Ford Taurus) to Zurcher Tire & Automotive. So far, we've had good experiences with them, and they seem to do what's necessary without trying to "up sell" you. Other people at our church had recommended them to us. Plus, if you check out the Good Deals magazine that comes in the mail periodically, you can sometimes get coupons for Zurcher, which helps!

  2. Marion Tire! Suzy Darner is amazing - always honest, helpful, and personable. We would never take our vehicles anywhere else!!

  3. If you know a good mechanic in your area who can provide real services at a decent price. However there is always a risk. By sticking with the company you guarantee a level of skills and service.

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