Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meijer - Best Turkey Deal in Town!

If you haven't already gotten your turkey for Thanksgiving, head to MEIJER asap (even if you have gotten your turkey, get another one with this deal!).  They're having a special this week (through Saturday) where you get $16 off your 16lbs + turkey OR $9 off any turkey that is 10-15lbs if you spend an additional $20.  SUCH a good deal.  Each deal is limit of 1, so I split my shopping items into 2 transactions that got 2 turkeys (one for $16 off and one for $9 off), each costing me about $5 after the deal!

I figure for $5 I can freeze the smaller turkey and make at a later date! 

Have you signed up for Meijer Perks yet?  It takes a few minutes, and is free.  Go to to sign up.  You'll enter your phone number, and then "clip" coupons, which means you click the ones you want right there on that site, and they are stored in the Meijer system when you check out.  When you check out at Meijer, enter your phone number where it says "mPerks" and any coupons you "clipped" online will automatically come off.  Now thru 11/19 there is a $2/off coupon, so go sign up and clip it!  It is $2 more off your groceries!!!

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