Sunday, January 1, 2012

YMCA in 2012 - Joiner Fee Reduced in January!

My husband and I joined the YMCA in October after spending a few months thinking about it & deciding how to budget the monthly fee.  Two months later, and a few pounds lighter, we are happy to say we are SO glad we did.

Our favorite thing about the YMCA is the free childcare, which is included in your membership.  It has made getting daily exercise in MUCH easier/less complicated.  Their "Childwatch" (which is their childcare area) is Mon - Fri from 8:30am - 11:30am, Sat 9am - noon, and Mon - Fri 4:30pm - 8pm.  Our kids love going & playing, and we have no excuse not to go exercise!  And, on Saturdays after we workout our kids know they get to go & swim with mommy & daddy & they love it!  As an added bonus, having a membership at the YMCA allows our kids to do the Bitty Sports (ages 3-5) for a reduced fee, so our oldest son has had his first introduction to soccer & basketball.  Lastly, as a girlfriend recently pointed out, it is good for our kids to see that getting exercise daily is important to us.  

If you're thinking of joining the YMCA, this is the month to do it!  For the entire month of January, the Joiner Fee (normally $85 to join) is the same as the date of the month you join.  i.e. if you join on January 3rd, your joiner fee is only $3!  The sooner you join, the more you save!  

Want more info?  #657.664.0544

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