Thursday, January 5, 2012

Keeley's Flooring in Marion - WOW!

My husband and I always hated the carpet in our upstairs, so when water soaked the carpet and capet pad underneath, we weren't too sad about pulling up the carpet and were trying to decide whether to put in new carpeting or do laminate floors, when low and behold we discovered our 100+ year old home had the original hardwood floors underneath the yucky carpet!  We spent 2 months pulling up the carpet & pads in each room of our upstairs, and had a couple of different vendors our to give us quotes/opinions on redoing our hardwood floors (my dream).  We decided to go with Keeley's Flooring, based on a recommendation from some friends who'd had them do work, and also based on the fact that they were $1/square foot cheaper than Stanley Steamer's Quote.  Jay Keeley came out twice personally to walk us through the process, and by the time we were ready to have the floors done, we were very excited to have it done and confident in who was doing it!

If you're thinking of having new flooring for your home - new carpet, laminate, hardwoods, or hardwood restoration, I highly recommend Keeley's Flooring! Jay Keeley was great to work with, and he and his crew did a wonderful job - see below for yourself!

Keeley Flooring
4510 S CR 700 E
Marion IN 46953
Ph # 765-748-1702, 765-733-0580






  2. Those are beautiful!! We used Keeley when we redid our kitchen a few years ago. They were great!!

  3. Nice! I had Jay come out for a quote and also had Stanley Steamers come out. I have them both scheduled and had planned on cancelling Jay ONLY because SS has the dust free technology and I won't have to take every thing off the walls or cover everything with plastic (which I know Jay does most of the plastic covering anyway) but since I can't get SS to get me some customer reviews, I went hunting online and can only find really bad ones. Unfortunately this is the ONLY one I can find for Keeley's but at least it's a good one. My question is... how bad was the clean up of the dust? Gonna be cancelling SS.