Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Starbucks Free Coffee Tasting Event (Jan 12-14)

 This week Starbucks is having a free coffee tasting event, Thurs, Jan 12 - Sat, Jan 14.  Stop by your local Starbucks to try all their blends... and for a freebee.  I've been hearing about their new Blond Roast, and am NOT a fan of their regular roast (tastes burned to me!), so am hoping their Blond Roast is a nice mild blend... I'll find out!   


Below is from the following site:


Taste the Starbucks Roast Spectrum

Come to Starbucks for a free coffee tasting and vote for the roast you love most. We'll even send you home with a little something as a thank you.

US Event - Thursday Jan. 12 - Saturday Jan. 14
Canada Event - Thursday Feb. 9 - Saturday Feb. 11
Click to view video

The Starbucks Roast Spectrum


Watch the video or go to to learn more about all of our coffees.

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