Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Great New Restaurant in Marion - Yamato Steak House

Have you been to the new Yamato Steak House restaurant in Marion?  If not, you SHOULD!  This place opened up a few months ago in Marion, and I initially had my doubts about a Japanese restaurant in the middle of Indiana, but I was pleasantly surprised!  The food is GREAT, aesthetics are great, and service is great!  Just to put a cherry on the top, the pricing is also very reasonable!  My husband I never would have told you we'd be sushi people, but over the past few years have had only positive experiences with sushi (we only get the kind with cooked fish!) and now we love it!  We had a date-swap with another family this past weekend (yeah for a date!), and we went to Yamato (our second time since it opened), and it is my new favorite date restaurant in Marion!

Don't know if you are crazy enough to try Japanese food?  TRY IT!  They do have raw sushi, but LOTS of wonderful cooked sushi rolls (try the VOLCANO ROLLS...YUMMY!), as well as hibachi steak, noodle dishes & more.  They even have a reduced price lunch menu.



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