Saturday, October 23, 2010

Leaves, leaves, and more leaves!

Leaves keeping you busy these days?  Wondering what you can do with them?

1.  Make a pile and jump in them!
2.  After making a pile and jumping in them, bag them in brown paper bags for yard waste (you can get these at Lowes, Big R, etc.) and call the city to pick them up (#765-668-4451 is the Street Department).  Note: the bags must only have yard waste, no garbage.
3.  Even better than bagging them, you can rake them into the street, and the city of Marion is making periodic sweeps of the city and picking up the leaves.  I personally love this option because it does NOT require bagging!  They are making their first sweep NEXT WEEK (the last week in Oct.) and are planning their next sweep in about 3 weeks.  They're hoping to do one more sweep of the city in Dec if there isn't too much snow.  Call the Street Department to make sure your area is included (#765-668-4451).

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