Monday, October 25, 2010

Groupon - CHECK IT OUT! Fort Wayne or Indy!

Have you all signed up with Groupon yet?  My sister raved about it for months before I ever got around to looking into it.  If you don't know what it is, it is definitely worth looking into.  Essentially, it is a way that businesses offer their services for discounted prices by selling them in bulk.  Businesses team up with Groupon to offer a service, and if Groupon can get a certain  # of people to purchase the service at a discounted price the business will sell them (or as Groupon says, "the sale is on!").  This is a free service to register for, and you are under NO obligation to buy.  If you sign up, Groupon will send you an email each week day with the "deal of the day" - if you decide to buy, and if enough other people buy, you get the deal!  If for some reason enough people don't sign up, you aren't out anything, but you don't get the deal.  Groupon lets you know via email if you get the deal.  Still not sure?  Check it out!

Click the link above to see today's deal in Fort Wayne, which is $20 for $40 worth of skin care, bath and beauty products at The Body Shop.  Basically, you're buying a $40 gift card for $20!!!!  Get your Christmas shopping done early! I have bought a few Groupons to date, and have had no problems using them - I have been pleasantly surprised, and wish I signed up sooner!  You just print out your Groupon and take it to the store business like you would a gift certificate. 

They  have Groupon for most all major cities - try Indy too!  It is a neat way of being exposed to different businesses.  In the last month or two I've been signed up they've featured salons, manicures, massages, restaurants, coffee shops, GAP, lazer tag, etc. - just about anything you can think of!  Remember, no obligation, so check it out!

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