Friday, October 22, 2010

Best Contractor in Marion - Bailey Services

My husband and I were blessed to purchase our first home when we moved to Marion last year.  It is a beautiful old home, built in 1900, and we love it!  We quickly learned that beautiful old homes come with a few problems, and I'm not exaggerating by saying that one of the biggest blessings of our lives last year was Emery Bailey, with Bailey Services.

Emery and his team are amazing - honest, hard working, and reasonable!  I can not say enough good things about Bailey Services, and only hesitate to tell you about them because I KNOW you will all love him too, and then the next time I need him he may be at YOUR house!  :)  That said, I really feel I have to tell the world about them because they've been so wonderful to us!  (Just so you know, I get nothing out of this referral, but the satisfaction of knowing that I'm helping a business that has helped me!!!)  They do just about everything when it comes to home repairs and remodels, and they'll tell you if they can't.  They've fixed our roof, put in new floors in the kitchen and bathroom, worked on the plumbing in our basement and bathroom, and a handful of other things!

Bailey Services
Emery Bailey
5883 S 500 W Marion, IN 46953
(765) 603-0341

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