Saturday, July 27, 2013

Meijer BOX TOPS Bonus Coupon - $ for your kid's school!

Does your kid's school collect BOX TOPS?  My son's school does a competition for BOX TOPS each semester - the class that brings in the most wins a pizza party.  He looks for these things everywhere!  He's yet to have his class win, even though we always seem to be collecting these things!  I'm hoping with this deal (below) we might get the pizza party this year (very exciting when you're six)!  I stocked up on yogurt tubes for his lunches (we freeze them & they're ready by lunch & still cold), ziplock bags, Greek Yogurt, etc., and got my bonus Coupon! 

Right now at Meijer, through 9/7/13, buy 10 participating products and get a coupon for 60 bonus BOX TOPS!  Items you can purchase include Yoplait GREEK 100 calorie yogurt for $.99, so if you get 10 of those, you'll spend just under $10 and your school will earn $6 in box tops from the coupon!  What a deal! 

Have 20 products?  Do them in two separate transactions and you'll get 2 coupons worth 60 box tops each!    For the entire list of products that are included, click here.  (Hint, you can pull this list up on your phone while you're shopping for extra help!)

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