Saturday, January 12, 2013 - Website for finding free/cheap kids meals

Kids Eat Free Restaurants at

 I'm a working mom, and have found this year that there are nights when eating out sounds like a real help in our crazy schedule - no planning ahead/shopping, no prep, no clean-up, and no arguing. :)  Most nights we eat in, but every once in a while I'm thrilled to get to eat out!  That said, the miser in me can never justify eating out if I know how much it will be compared to how much a meal at home costs.

Enter - a website where you enter your zip code or city (you can use it while you're traveling away from home too!) and it will tell you the restaurants in the area that have free and reduced kids meals.  Several times in the last month we've taken advantage of Fazoli's Tues night kids eat for $.99, which has made Tues nights a much needed break for me in middle of the madness of the week! 

Try it in your area today.  :)

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