Thursday, January 17, 2013 - Getting My Ducks in a Row

In the new year, I'm all about trying to purge/clean/organize/simplify my life.  I try to do this regularly, yet still end up feeling overwhelmed multiple times per year at how quickly things pile up.  As the year came to an end, I looked around at all the stuff in my house (as I do every year!), papers for my kids, mail, statements, mess in my kitchen, half used toiletry bottles in bins in my closet, etc., and I realized I NEED TO GET RID OF THE JUNK IN MY LIFE!

We spent New Year's Day cleaning out our attic.  Ever the recycler, I have been storing way too many boxes, packing materials, etc. (things I didn't want to waste) in my attic, and a few hours of cleaning with my husband resulted in a MUCH cleaner & organized attic (and new play space for my kids), as well as a big pile for recycling for the curb and another pile to take to the Rescue Mission.  It was a good start to getting organized in the new year.  I also spent some time in our home office, going through old files and shredding statements - it felt good to get rid of JUNK.  I'm still working on my budget for the year, along with a mapped out schedule of dates for when what bill is paid and how it is paid (charged to credit card, debited from account, send check, etc.).  I've done a little sorting in my kitchen, getting rid of things I don't really use/need to create space in my cupboards, but I need to do some more.  And, I've yet to tackle my closet with half used toiletries, etc., but the day is still young! 

Today, my first project was to get my annual free credit report and to audit it, as I've been meaning to do for a year!  I went to, and spent about 15 minutes plugging in my info an printing out my report (you no longer have to wait for them to mail them to you, you get them right away & can save to PDF!).  It really wasn't nearly as much of a headache as I anticipated... in fact, it was quite easy.  A few years ago we went to purchase our first house, and had to spend a good chunk of time cleaning up errors on our credit report - thankfully, this time I only found one error on one report I have to fix!

I suggest taking 15 mins - RIGHT NOW.  Go to and audit your free reports from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.  You'll feel accomplished, in control, and be glad you did. :)

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