Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fun Discovery for Kids: Children's Author Mo Willems

If you haven't been to the Marion Public Library recently, I encourage you to stop by!  My kids and I go about 2x/week, and they love it!  They're always holding events for kids (& adults - book discussions, movies showings, lectures, etc.), and their Children's librarians are amazing!

I was feeling like I was in a rut for picking out books for my kiddos recently, and just went up to the Children's librarian, told her about my kids and asked for suggestions.  She showed me several series of books my kids have LOVED!  One of the series is by Mo Willems, who I'd never heard of, but after checking out about a dozen of his books for my kids, I have learned to LOVE!  Check out his blog for fun games, etc. for kids (try the hot dog one, my kids think it is hilarious!), and go to the library for for his books!  The librarian told me that these were the first books her son learned to read, where she took the voice of one character (the Elephant) and her son took on the voice of the other (the Pig).  When you get the books, this'll make sense, and it is a GREAT idea, so I recommend trying it out!  Thanks Tylanna the Children's Librarian!  The librarians are GREAT resources - use them!   Mo Willems Doodles

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