Monday, September 26, 2011

FREE Flu MIST vaccinations for children at Grant County Health Department - MONDAYS ONLY!

It is FLU SEASON.  Yuck. That means time for you and your kiddos to get your flu shot or flu mist. 

Did you know that on MONDAYS (only), the Grant County Health Department is giving out FREE flu mists (you have to be over age 2 to get the mist)?  For your child's free flu mist, go to the Grant County Health Department on Adams Street between 8am - 11am or 1pm-3pm (remember - Monday's only!).  These are first come, first serve, and when they're gone... they're gone!  Children over 6 months can also get a flu SHOT, but there is a fee for the shot.  The health deptartment is most likely still cheaper than your pediatrician's office, which not only usually charges for the shot/mist, but ALSO for an injection/delivery fee of up to $50! Ouch. 

Grant County Health Dept
401 S Adams St # 123
Marion, IN 46953-2030
(765) 662-0377

For more info on the flu mist, click HERE.  For more info from the CDC about why you should get vaccinated from the flu, click HERE.  Remember, getting vaccinated not only helps protect you and your family, but your whole community!

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