Friday, November 11, 2011

Give Blood, Get a FREE Turkey!

You heard right - give blood, save a life, and you will get a free turkey!  Marsh and the South Bend Medical Foundation Blood Donor Center in Marion (basement of the ACC building across from the hospital) have teamed up to offer blood donors a GREAT promo for November.  Give blood before Nov. 23 and you'll get a coupon for a free 10-12lb frozen turkey from Marsh.

Hours of operation:
Mon & Tues - 11am - 7pm
Wednesday - 9am - 3pm
Thurs & Fri - 8am - 4:30pm

Requirements for giving blood:  must be 17 years or older, weigh at least 110lbs (not a problem for me!), wait 12 months after a tattoo or body piercing, wait 56 days between donations, be symptom-free of cold or influenza for 72 hours, be in good general health, wait 24 hours after a dental cleaning.

I went in and got my free turkey today, along with a $10 VISA gift card (you get a $10 VISA gift card every 3 times you give if you bring in your punch card).  Call to schedule and appointment and get your turkey too! What a win-win!

For more info or to schedule an appointment call 662-4630 or  CLICK HERE.


  1. This number is continually busy..Must be a very popular program (which it is)or a problem with phone..Looks like they are getting a lot of donors. That is great!!!

  2. Sorry you're getting a busy signal! I went as a walk-in without an appointment and only had to wait about 5 mins. You can also try scheduling online at

    I picked up my free turkey from Marsh today! The blood place is running the promo through Wed next week, so there is still time! (and the coupon can be redeemed at Marsh until Nov 30)