Friday, November 18, 2011

Another turkey deal.... Lance's New Market FREE Turkey with Promo on KRAFT items

Lance's New Market is also running a promo for a free turkey when you buy 12 participating KRAFT items.  When you purchase 12 of the select Kraft items, you get $10 off a turkey, and their frozen basic turkeys are on sale for $.99/lb, making a 10lb turkey free.   Actually, you get $10 off any turkey (fresh, frozen, hormone free, turkey breast, etc.)

I went in today, and purchased my 12 items and got a 9.68lb turkey, and still got $10 off, so I actually made a little money on mine! :)

Generally, I find Lance's to be much higher priced than other grocery stores in town, but if you look for some of their sale items you can still make out ahead.  Two of the "select" Kraft items that are part of this deal are Cool Whip and Jet Puffed Marshmallows, which are each on sale for $1, so theoretically you could spend $12 TOTAL on 12 bags of Marshmallows or tubs of Cool Whip, and get a 10lb turkey for free.  I didn't need 12 tubs of cool whip, so I didn't do that, but I still only spent $20.48, got my almost 10lb turkey, and got a bunch of other stuff I needed from Kraft items.  Shop carefully, and look for the coupons on things like the front of the Kraft/Nabisco crackers that have $1 off when you purchase one cheese and one box of crackers.  I scored 2 of those coupons from the front of the Nabisco cracker boxes, and added it to Lance's sale price on their cheese & crackers, making it a pretty good deal ($1.50 for a box of crackers & $2 for the cheese)!  All my rambling will make sense once you go in & see for yourself.  :)

Remember, turkeys are just for Thanksgiving.... make some room in your freezer & save them for later!

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