Friday, October 7, 2011

Mississinewa 1812 - THIS WEEKEND

In case you hadn't heard, Mississinewa 1812 is this weekend in Marion (Oct 7-9).  I just got back from the event, where I spent the morning with my two little men and my girlfriend Jackie & her two little people.  We had a great time!  It was a beautiful morning, and is supposed to be a beautiful weekend, so go check it out!

Admission is $8 at the door, but if you stop at MARSH on your way there (at the customer service desk) you can get tickets for only $6.  Kiddos 6-12 are $5 at the door, but only $4 at MARSH, and kids 5 & under are FREE.

Make sure you have $1 bills with you, good walking shoes, & a water bottle!  You can take water & food with you into the event, but trying some of the authentic food at the event is part of the fun.  :)  We found a dip-your-own candle booth, and my boys proudly brought home their own candles to show their dad (for only $.75 each!).  See how cute the are above.  :)

For more info & a schedule of events go to:

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