Monday, July 11, 2011

Staples Back-to-School Sale thru Wed this week (7/13)

Well, I picked up the paper & saw the ad for Staples Back-to-School sale.... I can't believe that the summer is already over half over & we're starting to talk about back-to-school!  Kind of depressing, but their sale is worth stopping by to check out if you need any office supplies or will have a kiddo going to school this fall.  Among their deals:

5 pack mechanical pencil
ream of white copy/printer paper (after Easy Rebate)
pencil box

mini stapler
bag of cute clips
pack of 2 kids scissors
adult scissors (I can never seem to have enough as mine always disappear!)
5 pack sharpees
4 pack stick glue

Packing tape
Washable markers

AND - if you spend $5 on other items, you can get a pack of erasers, pack of pens, and bottles of glue for $.01 (you can get 2 of each for 1 penny each)!  Yes, you heard me, 1 penny!  Worth picking up some supplies now, and even if you don't need them you can donate them when they have  back-to-school supply drives for kids in the area in need. 

Most of these special sale deals are thru this Wed only.  Stop by Staples!  (in-store only, no online)

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