Friday, January 7, 2011

LOWES FREE Kids Clinic - LowesBuildAndGrow - Game Box 1/8/11

Hope everyone had a great holiday.  My family was able to visit with both my husband's side and mine, and we were thankful for quality time & fun!  Now that we're back to "real life", I'm going to try to get back to posts for this blog with services, events, sales, etc. - I started working outside the home in December, so my schedule is quite a bit busier now & I'm going to shoot for a few new posts a week, instead of daily.  Hope you'll hang in there with me as I make the transition, and I also hope that  if you have something you'd like to add you'll let me know (either by emailing me or by making a comment after one of my posts)!  Happy New Year!

This week, Lowes has resumed their FREE kids clinics - LowesBuildAndGrow.  My husband went to one of these clinics with my 3-year old before the holidays, and they had a great morning together doing a special Daddy-son day (donuts & one-on-one time!).  The clinics are recommended for school-aged children, but if you don't mind doing a good chunk of the assembling, they'll accept kids starting at age 3!

This week's (1/8/11) project is a Game Box.  Clinics are SATURDAYS from 10am - 11am.  Click here to register to save your spot!  They only take the first 50 kids.

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