Monday, December 6, 2010


Have you heard about SwapaDVD?  Someone told me about it a few months ago, and it seemed gimicky to me and a little suspect, but I signed up and now I'm a believer!

SwapaDVD is a service where you sign up (for free), and when you sign up you list at least 10 DVDs that you're willing to "swap" with other members, meaning that if a member clicks on your DVD indicating they want it, then you send it to them.  When you send one DVD, you get a credit in your account that you can then select any DVD in the whole system with.  You use your credit to order a DVD, and the DVD is YOURS to keep.  So, it  isn't an exact trade, but a system based on credits. 

Just for listing your 10 DVDs when you sign up, you get 1 credit to use right off the bat.  When you select a DVD to be shipped to you, you pay nothing, but when someone selects one of your DVDs you pay the shipping to ship to them (4 stamps).  You don't have to go to the post office, you can just print out their label, stick on 4 stamps, and put it in your mail box.  When someone gets your DVD, they'll mark "received" and you get a credit to use!  I may be making it more convoluted than it actually is - it is really pretty simple.  Both swapped and gotten about 8 DVDs now, and it has worked great every time!  (Note: you have to have the case for the DVD to use this system)

When I signed up a few months ago, I listed DVDs people gave us years ago and we don't watch, as well as DVDs my kids are "over" at this point.  I was shocked how many of mine folks have requested!  It has been great, because I've been able to get a handful of new DVDs for my kids, who are currently obsessed with Dora.  :)

I recommend checking it out - 4 stamps is worth a new DVD to pass hours in the car on our way to see family at Christmas!  Check it out today - I bet you won't miss those old DVDs, and maybe you can get some new ones to give as Christmas gifts!

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