Sunday, December 12, 2010

$10 from Coinstar plus NO FEES for your Exchange!

I'm pretty confident I don't have $40 in change around my house, as I usually scrounge at most $3/week for my bunko group, but if I DID have $40 in change around I would take it to Coinstar this week!  If you can scrounge up enough change, it is worth taking to Coinstar between now and the end of December (in Marion we have Coinstars at Meijer, Walmart, & both Marsh Stores).  See info below. 

Get $10 Free! Coinstar’s Giving You $10 Free When You Exchange $40 in Coins

Forty dollars in coins is a lot. But a free ten dollars to spend on holiday gifts, books, music, a night at the movies? Well that may well be worth scrounging around the house, looking for loose change. Or, better yet, getting the kids on that task…

...because right now Coinstar--those folks with the green coin redemption machine at your local grocery store--are giving you $10 back when you redeem $40 in coins. No, it's not in cash. But it is in the next best form: that of a gift card to one of your favorite retailers or e-tailers. You can choose to have your $10 sent your way in the form of a $10 gift card to Border's, Regal Entertainment, Lowe's or even ITunes. The deal runs until 12/31. Head over to for more details on the promotion and to find your closest Coinstar machine.

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  1. Going to try this! I'm sure we have at least that in a big water jug in our basement!