Monday, September 16, 2013

Give Blood in September & get a $10 AMC Movie Gift Card!

GIVE BLOOD!  I can't say this enough!  You truly can save a life by your donation of blood.  Never done it before?  It is not a big deal - the folks who work at the blood center are great, you get a snack afterward, you save a life, and you're on your way!  I take my kids with me when I go, and they enjoy a snack while I'm giving blood, and the nice folks at the blood center even put on cartoons for them.  My kids love the blood center... they know it as the place they get fruit snacks & a can of juice for free! :)  There you go moms... no excuse, you can event take your kids with you!  Teach them a valuable lesson while setting a powerful example about how we can help others - it will stick with them for life! 

In September if you donate blood you will receive a $10 AMC Movie Gift Card! 

To book an appointment go to: or call 765.662.4630 in Marion.
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