Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kelloggs Monsters U Promo... kind of fun!

Okay, I realize that is one of these things I sort of (embarrassingly) got sucked into as a mom, but I figured I'd blog about it anyway.  :)

If you're a fan of Kelloggs MiniWheats, you might want to check out their promo on Monsters U.  Each box of MiniWheats you buy has a code on the inside of the box.  If you go to the website and enter your code, you can use the codes to "purchase" Monsters U Stuff.  4 codes/boxes of cereal gets you a Mike (from Monsters U) pillowcase, 6 codes gets you a ticket to the Monsters U movie (which is really cute if you haven't seen it).  My boys saw this promo on the back of the box earlier this summer, and we've been collecting codes.  We just got to 8 (yes, we eat a lot of cereal at our house), so I entered them in and just ordered 2 pillowcases - one for each of my kiddos.  They are quite excited.  :)  It was not a big deal to create a registration on the Kelloggs site, and easy to enter the codes, and there wasn't even a shipping or handling cost (I was shocked!). 

Right now at Meijer the VALUE SIZE Box of MiniWheats is $2.97/box, and Meijer is having a buy 4, get 1 box free deal, getting you 5 boxes of cereal and a Mike pillowcase (with a code to spare!) for $12.  Admittedly, not the most frugal thing I've done as a mom, but sort of fun nonetheless.   :)


  1. I'm laying on my Mike pillowcase right now, it came today! It's so soft. This is one of the best promos I've seen in a long time.

  2. Hi, I'm one monster code short. Do you have one to spare?

    Thank you,