Monday, July 16, 2012

Blood Donor Promos for the Summer

Give blood now through Aug 25, and you'll get a $10 Gas Card AND be entered to win a new 2012 Ford Focus from Jordan Ford in Fort Wayne.

To make an appointment, go to or call 765.662.4630.

Mon & Tues 11am - 7pm
Wed 9amm - 3pm
Thurs & Fri 8am - 4:30pm

Haven't ever given blood before?  It is EASY, only takes about a half an hour (the first time you give b/c you have to fill out some paperwork initially), and you can SAVE A LIFE!!!

The Blood Center is in the ACC Building basement across the street from the hospital, they're super nice there, don't mind my kiddos (who get free snacks while they're waiting for me), and can usually take walk-ins even if you don't have an appointment.

I'm on my way there this morning... hope to see you there some time!  :)

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