Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Things to do in Grant County this summer...

I'm always looking for things to do in Grant County with my kids, a close drive from home.  In Sunday's newspaper there was an article in the paper - "Summer fun awaits", referencing a website:

It is worth taking a few minutes to check out and get some ideas for things to do in the area over the summer while your kiddos are out of school.  I've been here almost 3 years, and while I'm sometimes frustrated for what seems like very few things to do, I'm often reminded of how many things I DON'T know about and haven't taken advantage of.  So, my goal for the summer... find new, fun things to do! 

At a quick glance at this website, I see several things we've never taken advantage of that I know my kids would love:
  • Mar-Brook Campground in Gas City
  • Swayzee Antique Mall (okay, this one is really for me!)
  • Hidden Lake Resort (Fairmount)
  • Jonesboro Park & Shelter House
I'm determined to... "Show me Grant County" this summer!    

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