Monday, August 15, 2011

Sick of Junk Mail? Take 1 minute to get your name OFF lists.

Want to cut down on your junk mail, specifically insurance and credit card offers?  Take 1 minute (max!) and go to  to enter your info (& your spouse's) & stop unsolicited credit card & insurance offers for five years.  This is a free service, and worth the minute it takes to sign up! 

Want to get rid of even more junk mail? is also FREE and lets you search for the companies that inundate you most frequently and register to have your name taken off their list.

Want to stop the flood of coupon mailers, magazine offers, insurance promos, sweepstakes entries and more?  For about $41 for 5 years the nonprofit will keep all of your family members' names off the consumer mailing lists for five years.  

Declutter your life & protect your personal information.  Do it today!

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