Thursday, May 19, 2011

Old Navy $1 Flip Flops - Saturday, May 21

Many of you know that each summer Old Navy offers a 1-day sale on their flip flops - $1/pair.  That day is this Saturday, May 21, from 7am - 9pm.  I don't want to promote the ridiculousness that this sale can be, which is obsessive buying for the sake of buying, but I do want to bring it to your attention in case you need a pair of flip flops for the summer.  I warn you, if you haven't been to this sale before, people are are little crazy about it, and just about every single pair of flip flops in the store sells out on this day (usually within an hour or two), so go early if you're looking for this deal. 

Limit 5 per customer. In-Store only. 

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