Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cloth Diapering & the 2011 Change 3 Things Campaign

Have you tried cloth diapering?  It really isn't as scary as it sounds - even my husband has come around to it!  We started when our first son was a about 3 months old.  After reading some stats on the amount of waste that diapers create (disposable diapers are the 2nd biggest contributor to landfill waste - newspapers are #1), as well as talking with someone who did cloth diapers, exploring them online a bit, and reading Matthew Sleeth's "Serve God, Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action", I was convinced.  I looked at a few different sites online that sell cloth diapers (they're hard to find locally), and I settled on Cotton Babies.  Cloth diapers are an investment up front, but I figured they paid for themselves after several months of my first son using them, and now my second son has used them as well.  We use them less with my second son, usually just at home & not while we're traveling, but I figure every time I use one I save a disposable from a landfill & I save about a quarter in cost!  

Cotton Babies & a few major cloth diaper companies are having a campaign - Change 3 Things - see info below.  If you want to try it out and get started, check out the Cotton Babies website - they're currently running a sale on EconoBums - buy one get one free - and it may be a good way to get started.  I just ordered some to try (up until now we've only used Bum Geniuses, which I like, but after 2 babies & almost 4 years they're showing some wear, so I thought the EconoBums would be worth trying since they're such a good deal with this sale).  You can also get cloth diapers on, which count toward the Amazon MOM deal I blogged about earlier in the week.  

Introducing Change 3 Things, the 2011 cloth diaper awareness campaign

In an effort to promote general consumer awareness of cloth diapering, Cotton Babies has set some big goals for 2011.  

* 100,000 parents committed to change 3 cloth diapers per day.*
* 30-50 million pounds of prevented landfill waste*
* 100 million disposable diapers not purchased.*
* $24,000,000 of combined savings for participating families**

To reach these goals, Cotton Babies needs you to commit to change three cloth diapers per day.
How do I participate?
Click "like" on the Change 3 Things Facebook page. 
Share the page with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.
Change 3 cloth diapers per day.

Do my 3 cloth diapers per day really matter?
Yes, it matters! Is it perfect?  No, but it's a start.

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  1. We cloth diaper Josiah and are planning on cloth diapering the new one when he comes in May. I also have bum genius diapers (3.0), but recently ordered some econobums. I think you will like them. They work really well for us. For me, they're a little more absorbent, but a little harder to use, so we always use them as an overnight diaper.